My Brother's Keeper Community Challenge

36 Arlington Street Community Center Tours

The MBK Executive Board has scheduled tours of the 36 Arlington St Community Center for the community partners, officials and members of the public on the following dates:


  • Friday, June 30th at 8am
  • Date Revised -  from Saturday, July 1st at 9 am to Saturday, July 15th at 9 am
  • Monday , July 10th  at 7pm

The main objective of the tours is to assist community partners and organizations with plans and ideas for programming within the community center.  Currently requests for space are being accepted and the application may be found here:

If you would like to schedule a tour of the community center please email .

Arlington Street Community Center Request for Space


In May 2016, a MBK summit attended by over 70 community agencies and city departments identified the need for a community center, based on a community school model, which is both a place and a set of partnerships between the schools and other community resources. Programs within the Community Center will be filled by community stakeholders filing a request for space with the Community Center executive committee. These programs must be integrated with those of other community partners so that all resources are focused on common goals and used effectively and efficiently.

Funding for the community center will consist of encouraging community partners to bring their programs into the center and encouraging the center to reach out into the community therefore pulling together existing resources and redirecting them to support the programs that the center offers.

Community partners wishing to apply for space should complete the attached request for proposal. Included are suggested area of focus as identified by community surveys, other programs may be considered.  Please attach your application electronically and email it, along with any questions, to: . Applications will be  reviewed as they are received.

Upon approval of your application, documentation for the city’s in-kind matching contribution will be provided to organizations wishing to apply for grant funding on behalf of their organizations.

Please email with any questions.

RFP Application - Arlington Street Community Center

My Brother's Keeper Nashua, NH Strategic Action Plan

Read the MBK Nashua Strategic Action Plan (PDF)

Mayor Jim Donchess Accepts My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge with members of the Nashua Community Conversation on Race & Justice Committee.

Nashua Accepts the My Brother's Keeper Community Challenge - May 2, 2016

On Monday, May 2nd, Mayor Jim Donchess announced Nashua’s acceptance of the White House initiative, My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge.

Nashua is a diverse community.  In our city’s public schools 43% of our students receive free or reduced hot lunches and 37% are children of color.  Nashua’s public school children speak over 30 different languages.

Three priorities of the My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge are closely aligned with our already identified key goals:

  1. Ensuring that all our children enter school cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally ready to learn;
  2.  Ensuring that all our children read and compute at grade level by third grade;
  3. and Ensuring that all our children remain safe from violent crime. 
By accepting the Challenge, each community commits to a review of local policies and resources, agrees to host a summit of community leaders to create a community-specific strategic plan of action, and agrees to undertake and develop its own locally-tailored plan.

The MBK Community Challenge is based upon the well-researched findings and expert recommendations from multiple disciplines, which conclude that coordinated efforts can improve the life prospects and outcomes for all our young people.  By intervening at key moments in life, using evidence-based strategies and comprehensive approaches, we can remove barriers, expand opportunity, and improve outcomes for all.

The Mayor extends his thanks to the members of Nashua's Community Conversation on Race and Justice, a community dialogue started in 2015. This group played a key role in identifying Nashua's strengths in education, justice, and race relations. Mayor Donchess looks forward to continuing to work with this passionate group of individuals in the months ahead. 


Members of the Nashua Community Conversation of Race and Justice with Michael Smith, Special Assistant to the President; Mayor Jim Donchess, City of Nashua;  and Sister Paula Buley, President of Rivier University.

My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge Summit
May 19, 2016

View Summit Agenda

 On Thursday, May 19, 2016, over 70 community members from non-profits, governmental entities and private industry met at the Dion Reception Center at Rivier University to discuss Nashua’s strategic plan in response to the My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge from the White House.

Sister Paula Buley, President of Rivier University, Jim Donchess, Mayor of Nashua, and Andrew Lavoie, Nashua Chief of Police, all gave opening remarks.  Special guest Michael Smith, Special Assistant to the President for My Brother’s Keeper, spoke of the ways in which the program has been implemented in communities across our country and of the road we have left to travel to ensure all young men of color are given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

A panel of first generation college students including the Hon. Linda Gathright, Sharon Rowlett-Moore, Manny Espitia, Gloria Timmons and Officer Chris Toomey shared their personal and heartfelt experiences about people that encouraged them and impacted their lives.

Three focus groups, led by facilitators from the Nashua Community Conversation on Race & Justice group, engaged in discussion on three initiatives under the My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge: early childhood education, reading and computing at grade level by grade three and preventing youth violence.  The summit concluded with a discussion on how the focus groups will create a pathway toward a community action plan.

summit 2

Michael Smith, Special Assistant to the President; Mayor Jim Donchess, City of Nashua; Sister Paula Buley, President of Rivier University; Sharron Rowlett-Moore, Multicultural Affairs River University.