Projects & Events

Besides reviewing building and land use applications, the Community Development Division works on several projects to help improve the quality of life in Nashua. The City of Nashua forms public-private partnerships to help make projects possible. Find out about some of the City's projects!
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  1. Nashua International Sculpture Symposium

    The Nashua International Sculpture Symposium is an annual community event designed to elevate the awareness and appreciation of public art in Nashua.

  2. Nashua Performing Arts Center

    Learn more about the plans for the future Performing Arts Center.

  3. Nashua Riverwalk

    Consistent with the 1983, 1991 and 2003 Downtown Master Plans, the Riverwalk is a 1.6 mile loop along the Nashua River.

  4. Park Social at Labine

    The new Park Social at Labine was officially dedicated by Mayor Donnalee Lozeau on June 21, 2012.

  5. Southwest Trails Construction Project

    The City of Nashua signed a contract with Morin's Landscaping, Inc. to complete the Southwest Trails Project.