Nashua Performing Arts Center

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The design used the 2002 Arts Center Feasibility Study as its basis and features 100 parking spaces, a restaurant, lobby space, 1000 seat theater, 300 seat flex theater, 100 seat multipurpose room (which could be used as conference space), staff area, circulation atrium, and outdoor roof garden. It subdivides the site into two volumes with a circulation atrium between. The facade combines glass and a white baffles to create two floating boxes from the two volumes. The first is a white baffled 1000 seat theater on a glass facaded lobby/restaurant. The second is a white baffled parking space with a glass volume floating above including the 300 seat, 100 seat, and staff spaces, with the Nashua skyline as the backdrop. The proposal creates space for the arts but celebrates a new view of Nashua while continuing to invigorate Nashua's Downtown. Watch the presentation or download the document (PDF). Articles covering the discussion can be found in the Nashua Telegraph, NHPR, and Download a printable pamphlet (PDF) for more information.

In September of 2015, the City of Nashua Mayor’s Office of Economic Development issued a Request for Proposals (RFP0265-101415) seeking proposals from professional consultants to study the feasibility of developing a new Cultural and Performing Arts Center within Downtown Nashua.  The services sought include the evaluation of programming needs, the development of project feasibility, review of specific sites and assistance with project next steps.   Webb Management Services, Inc., of New York, NY was selected to conduct the study as a nationally-recognized consultant with local experience.

After consulting with Webb, the City chose to break out the work into two phases, with up to two separate contracts.  The Phase I contract, evaluates demand for a new performing arts facility in Nashua, verifying audience potential, identifying potential users and uses, confirming its positioning within a competitive market, and considering how new performance facilities might support the broader goals of the City and region.  Please find a copy of the May 3rd Planning and Economic Development Committee presentation by Duncan Webb of Webb Consulting with the Phase I evaluation.

The Phase II contract will includes developing basic physical plans, cost estimates and operating projections for recommended facilities will be prepared only if the result from Phase I is positive.

For more information, please visit the Nashua Arts Commission page here.