Tax & Wastewater Collections

  1. Wastewater Fee Increase

    Effective January 1, 2017 wastewater (sewer) fees/charges will be increased for both demand and flow charges. Demand charges vary depending on meter size and flow charges will now be $2.36 per 100 cubic feet. Read on...
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The City of Nashua, New Hampshire Tax Collector’s Office is a department within the Financial Services Division. Our primary purpose is to bill and collect various taxes and fees for the City. We strive to provide courteous and accurate responses to questions. To expedite our ability to assist you, please have your account number available when contacting us.

The Tax Collector’s Office is responsible for the billing and collection of the following:
  • Lease Parking
  • Lien amounts for Taxes and Wastewater
  • Miscellaneous Taxes (Current Use, Yield, Timber)
  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Property Taxes
  • Wastewater (Sewer) Fees