Financial Services

  1. CFO/Comptroller

    See what the Chief Financial Officer, as the chief accounting officer of the city, is responsible for.

  2. Assessing Department

    Learn about the purpose of the assessing department and locate contact information.

  3. Accounts Payable

    Discover the major duties of Accounts Payable.

  4. Financial Accounting / Compliance

    Find out what the roles are for financial accounting / compliance.

  5. Motor Vehicle Registration

    Vehicle registration is an important part of staying in compliance with state law.

  6. Purchasing

    The Purchasing Department's goal is to generate the best value for the City and to use the most efficient methods to achieve this goal.

  7. Risk Management

    The Risk Management Department is charged with the responsibility for the preservation of assets, both human and physical.

  8. Tax & Wastewater Collections

    Tax & Wastewater Collections' primary purpose is to bill and collect various taxes and fees for the City.

  9. Treasury

    Discover the duties of the Treasury Department as they work hard to safeguard Nashua's funds and maximize savings.

  10. City Financial Reports

    Welcome to the City of Nashua’s Financial Reporting section. It includes a variety of public information.

  11. Record of Expenditures & Warrants

    Locate particular records of expenditures and warrants.

  12. Request for Record of Expenditure

    Find a form to make a request for a Record of Expenditure.