Bid Results

Note: Bid results will remain on this page for a minimum of 3 months.
Bid/Proposal Number Deadline Closing Date Bid Summary
Awarded to Date
WWTF Professional Analytical Testing Services
June 26, 2017
Hampton, NH

Alternate with UPS Pick Up of Samples

Eastern Analytical, Inc
Concord, NH
Milford, NH

Endyne Inc.
Williston, Vt
Not an acceptable bid.  Vendor did not sign and return Addendum 1 as required.
Design Build Bridge Street-East Hollis-Bridge Street
May 19, 2017
McFarland Johnson
Concord, NH

Hayner/Swanson, Inc.
Nashua, NH

Bedford, NH

Hoyle, Tanner & Associates, Inc.
Manchester, NH
Nashua WWTF Water Valve and Yard Hydrant Installations
May 8, 2017
RWC Enterprises
Nashua, NH
Not an acceptable Bid.  Did not provide Bid Bond as required.

Crisp Contracting
Nashua, NH
Not an acceptable Bid.  Did not provide Bid Bond as required.

WP Davis Excavation
Hampton, NH

TDD Earth Tech
Hudson, NH
Not an acceptable Bid.  Did not sign and return Addendum 1 or provide Bid Bond as required.
Awarded to WP Davis Excavation
Hampton, NH 

Crown St. Park & Ride Project
April 13, 2017
Merrill Construction Inc.
Loudon, NH

Earth (Northeast Earth Mechanics, Inc.
Pittsfield, NH

Morello Construction, Inc.
Peterborough, NH

DeFelice Corporation
Dracut, MA

George R. Cairns & Sons, Inc.
Windham, NH
Awarded to George R. Cairns & Sons, Inc.
Windham, NH

Henri Burque Pedestrian Bridge over US Route 3 Pennichuck School Bridge
April 13, 2017
R.M. Piper Inc.
Plymouth, NH
$178,960 Base Bid
$  83,520 Bid Alternatives
$262,480 Total

2017 Sewer Replacement Program
April 12, 2017
DeFelice Corporation
Dracut, MA

Joseph P Cardillo & Son, Inc.
Wakefield, MA

SUR Construction West, Inc
Winchester, NH
Awarded to DeFelice Corporation
Dracut, MA

HVAC Upgrades
April 10, 2017

T Buck Construction
Turner, ME
$ 800,000 Base Bid
$   70,000 Bid Alternate A
$   65,000 Bid Alternate B
$   90,000 Bid Alternate C
$   30,000 Bid Alternate D
$1,055,000 Total Base Bid Plus Bid Alternates   
Pinnacle Rock Mechanical Services, LLC
Milford, NH
$3,891,439 Base Bid
$    48,750 Bid Alternate A
$    75,000 Bid Alternate B
$    40,000 Bid Alternate C
$    37,800 Bid Alternate D
$4,042,989 Total Base Bid Plus Bid Alternates

Awarded to Manadnock Building Company
Jaffrey, NH

2017 Pavement Preservation Maintenance Program
April 6, 2017
EJ Paving
Methuen, MA
$441,908.90 City
$  46,170.00 Schools
$488,078.90 Total

Sealcoating Inc.
Braintree, MA
$413,184.59 City
$  60,173.20 Schools
$473,357.79 Total

Awarded to Sealcoating Inc.
Braintree, MA

School Street Lot Development
March 30,2017
Lansing Melbourne Group
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Primary Clarifier Upgrade
January 10, 2017 CDM Smith 
Manchester, NH

Portsmouth, NH

Underwood Engineers
Concord, NH

Awarded to Wright-Pierce
Portsmouth, NH