Motor Vehicle Registration

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    The City has recently mailed the December 2016 property bills. Most property owners will be receiving them by November 14, 2016. Anyone who has not received a bill is asked to contact the Tax Office (603-589-3190). Read on...
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The Motor Vehicle Registration Department strives to provide quality customer service and to educate our residents regarding the State of New Hampshire Motor Vehicle Laws.  You can pay for your motor vehicle registration online.

Municipal Agent
The City of Nashua is a Municipal Agent for the State of New Hampshire. This enables our department to complete most transactions in one location for the convenience of our residents.

Registration Signature
The owner of a registered vehicle must sign the bottom of the registration (State of New Hampshire RSA 641:3)

Tax Deductible Fees
The City's municipal fees for MOS/MILLS on your vehicle registration are the only portions that are tax deductible on Internal Revenue Service Schedules A and B on Form 1040. These line items are a deduction for personal property taxes.
The State of NH portion of your registration is not deductible.

Finding the Fees Paid
Please refer to your registration for the fees paid. The fees paid appear in the box on the right side of your registration, under the following headings:
  • Municipal Fees
  • State Fees
We are unable to provide any registration fees over the phone or through email. These services are now available online.

Lost Registration
If your registration is lost, a certified copy of your registration can be provided at City Hall for an $18 fee.