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Nashua Fire Rescue's ongoing mission to keep the public aware of the accomplishments of the department include releasing information on recent events.

January 27, 2017 Building Collapse - 33 Pine Street

Prepared by: Nashua Fire Marshal’s Office and Department of Building Safety

Incident type: Building Collapse
Incident date: 01/27/2016
Time of Incident: 08:51
Incident Location: 33 Pine Street
Property Owner: Crossway Christian Church

​ At 08:51 this morning Nashua Fire Rescue responded to 33 Pine Street for a report of a building that had collapsed. The first arriving company reported a complete collapse of the structure and requested that the building department respond to the scene. The construction crew working at the site reported that all personnel were accounted for and there were no injuries. The single story building and former market was undergoing renovations to convert the space into an additional campus for the Crossway Christian Church. At the time of the collapse construction crews were in the process of installing new roof trusses on the existing walls. At this time it is unknown what caused the structure to collapse.
​The incident remains under investigation by the Nashua Department of Building Safety and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

​ Adam Pouliot Fire Marshal William McKinney Manager/ Building Official

2017_Lake St. and Wason Ave. MVA

January 25, 2017 Busy Day for Nashua Fire Rescue

Prepared by: Deputy Chief George A Walker

Incident type: Busy day for Nashua Fire Rescue Wednesday proved to be a busy day for Nashua fire Rescue.

​NFR's Hazardous Materials Team responded for a 55 gallon drum that was abandoned along the Rail Road tracks in the area of Hillsferry Rd. and Britton Dr. The drum was discovered by a representative of the Beazer Property while walking the property line. NFR's Hazardous Materials team responded to survey the drum and monitor air and ground in the area around it and determined it was intact and was not leaking. A representative of Pan Am Railroad along with NH DES also responded and worked to have the drum, which was believed to contain some type of used oil, removed and disposed of by a certified Hazardous Materials clean up company. There was no contamination of the area around the drum.

​ At the same time Nashua Fire Rescue responded to a Motor Vehicle Accident @ Lake St and Wason Ave involving 2 passenger vehicles, one of which struck a telephone pole. 5 patients were treated and transported to area hospitals. The accident is under investigation by Nashua Police Department. There is no status on the condition of any patients at the time of this press release.

​ 2 hours later Nashua Fire Rescue responded to a report of a porch fire at 110 Ash St. NFR crews arrived to find an extinguished fire on the front porch on the 2nd floor of 6-family home. Crews discovered remnants of some type of burned paper material on the porch and in one of the apartments.

​ The Nashua Fire Marshals office was requested and is investigating the cause.

2017_Closeup_hard_Landing_boire field
2017_Hard_Landing_Boire Field

January 20, 2017 - Aircraft Hard Landing, Nashua Airport

Prepared by: Deputy Chief Karl P Gerhard
Time of Incident: 1250
Incident Location: 93 PERIMETER RD, NASHUA AIRPORT (aka Boire Airfield)
Property Owners Name: Nashua Airport Authority
Incident Commander: Deputy Chief Karl P Gerhard
Number of NFR Engines in response: 2
Number of NFR Ladder trucks in response: 1
Other NFR apparatus in response: 2 (1 Foam Truck aka CFR1, & 1 Deputy Chief)
Number of NFR personnel in response: 14
First NFR unit on scene: Engine 5

Incident Summary: Engine 5, CFR 1 (both of Pine Hill Road Fire Station), Engine 6 (Conant Road Fire Station), Ladder 1 (Amherst Street Station), and the Deputy Fire Chief responded to Boire Airfield for a report of an inbound aircraft with an indication for a landing gear problem. It was reported that two persons were on board. Nashua Fire Rescue arrived at Boire Airfield and stood by while the aircraft attempted to land. Upon landing, the twin engine plane’s nose landing gear collapsed and the plane skidded approximately 150’ on its nose and still functioning rear landing gear to a stop. Engine 5 and CFR immediately accessed the plane and deployed a foam line for occupant protection/fire extinguishment if needed (no fire occurred). Engine 6 stood ready to provide additional water for fire suppression to Engine 5 and Ladder 1 was ready with extrication equipment should the occupant became entrapped in wreckage. The two occupants of the plane were able to self-extricate and did not suffer injury. The plane was rendered safe via the pilot and Nashua Fire Rescue crews and no fuel leaked as a result of the hard landing. The airport was closed as a result of the incident. The aircraft suffered several thousand dollars in damage to its nose and props.

Rescues: None.
Accomplishments: No injuries to occupants or responders.
Injuries (number of, gender, general severity): None.
Number of persons transported to medical facilities (NFR members and/or public): None. Investigation status: The Nashua Airport Authority and the Nashua Police Department were on scene and FAA to be notified at the time NFR cleared scene. Please contact these agencies for questions pertaining to the cause and investigation status.

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