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                                            Who We Are

The Division of Public Health and Community Services is the public health entity for the City of Nashua. It is the first accredited Health Department in New Hampshire. All of the Departments within the Division offer services that directly impact the health, social, and economic well-being of the residents of the City of Nashua and the surrounding communities.

Our Mission

To promote, protect and preserve the health and well-being of the Greater Nashua Region through leadership and community collaboration.

Our Vision

To have an informed, safe, healthy and resilient community where all people can thrive and prosper.

  1. Dogs in Outdoor Dining Survey - We want your feedback!

    The Nashua Environmental Health Department is considering a food code variance to allow dogs in outdoor dining. Please take our survey to read the proposed variance and provide your valuable feedback.
  2. West Nile Virus (WNV) Identified in Mosquito Batches in Manchester, NH

    Manchester Health Department announced today 8/8 that two batches of mosquitoes collected in Manchester have tested positive for West Nile Virus. For the NH DHHS Press Release
  3. FREE summer bus passes available for kids!

    The City of Nashua is happy to announce free summer bus passes will be available beginning Wednesday, July 12th. This summer bus pass will connect kids to some of Nashua’s most popular recreation and activity sites. Read on...
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Announcements / Resources 

West Nile Virus and EEE Fact Sheets - New!

Lyme Disease Fact Sheet - New!

Carbon Monoxide Safety 

NH is Experiencing an Outbreak of Gonorrhea

Norovirus Illness: Key Facts 
Zika Virus Information from NH DHHS and CDC

Healthy People 2020

Want to know more about health disparities? The Office of Disease and Prevention and Health Promotion created an easy way to find health disparities data related to the Healthy People 2020 objectives for the Leading Health Indicators (LHIs). LHIs are critical health issues that when addressed will help reduce the leading causes of death and preventable illnesses. The widget provides charts and graphs of disparities data at your fingertips.

Click the image below and use the widget to browse data by: 

•Disparity type—including disability, education, income, location, race and ethnicity, and sex)
•Leading Health Indicator


Are you looking for more health resources in NH? 
Call NH 2-1-1

Division Departments

Community Services Department

The Community Services Department encompasses cross-departmental projects and provides regional public health services.
Within this department are the following programs:

Community Health Department

The Community Health Department provides services that protect the public's health by ensuring that individuals are tested, treated or provided vaccinations that protect the entire community from communicable disease.

Environmental Health Department

The Environmental Health Department protects the health of the public by defining, eliminating, controlling and managing environmental hazards. This is accomplished through the enforcement of laws and ordinances that protect the public from harmful environmental factors, often in collaboration with other City or State partners.

Welfare Department

The Welfare Department provides interim emergency assistance for income eligible residents. Assistance is available with rent, food, utilities and medications.

Services provided at the Division of Public Health and Community Services are provided regardless of race, age, gender identification, sexual orientation, religious or political affiliation.