Environmental Health Department

The role of the Environmental Health Department is to protect the health of the public by defining, eliminating, controlling and managing environmental hazards. This is accomplished through the enforcement of all laws and ordinances that protect the public from harmful environmental conditions.

News Flash:

Norovirus Prevention for Food Workers

Drought Conditions

Southern  New  Hampshire  is  experiencing  a  drought  emergency.    Southern  New Hampshire  has  received  about  50%  of  its  normal  rainfall  over  the  last  six  months.  Streamflow  and  groundwater  levels  are  at  historic  low  levels.    Some  New  Hampshire residents on private wells, as well as some community water systems are experiencing water  supply  shortages.    More  widespread  shortages  are  imminent  if  rainfall  does  not replenish our lakes, streams and groundwater supplies before winter weather sets in, as our  water  resources  will  probably  not  be  substantially  refilled  until  after  the  snowmelt during the spring of 2017.  The drought condition is a very slow-moving natural disaster that may continue to worsen. 
Water Use Restrictions & Bans

Air Quality

Preventing Tickborne Diseases

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