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Committee Description
The purpose of the Committee is to facilitate communication between the ethnic community and City government. The Committee shall consist of the following elected officials and municipal employees: the Mayor or his/her designee; the President of the Board of Aldermen or his/her designee; the Police Chief or his/her designee; the Library Director or his/her designee; the President of the Interfaith Council or his/her designee; the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee; the City Clerk or his/her designee; and the Director of Public Health and Community Services or his/her designee. The Committee shall also consist of the following members, who shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Board of Aldermen: three representatives of the private sector with at least two representing ethnic business constituencies within the community; and a minimum of seven and a maximum of 15 community members representing as broad a spectrum of racial, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity as exists in the Nashua community. Additionally, there shall also be an attempt to include other elements of the community that may be coincidental within its ethnic composition yet include but not be limited to areas such as health care, arts and culture, and/or recreation. [NRO 12-7 - 12-10. The name of this Committee was changed from the Ethnic Awareness Committee to the Cultural Connections Committee per Ordinance 14-028.
  1. Jean Adie
  2. Jared Barbosa
  3. Maria Bola-Ferriero
  4. Rafael Calderon
  5. Lavonne Colon
  6. Sharon Dalton
  7. Karen Emis-Williams
  8. Sylvia E. Gale
  9. Jennifer Hosking
  10. Claudie Mahar
  11. Fouad Mahfuz
  12. Deepa Mangalat
  13. Bernadette Melton-Plante
  14. Elias Muchuma Niva
  15. Patricia Piecuch
  16. Janeth Orozco Sanchez
  17. Sharon Saunders
  18. Andrew Smith
  19. Dendrea Smith
  20. Michael Welch
  21. Gerardo Zayas Jr
  22. Ald. Thomas Lopez
  23. Ald. Mary Ann Melizzi-Golja
Term Length:    3
Special Designation:    COMMUNITY MEMBER
Appointment By:    Mayor
Original Appointment Date:  Nov 24 2015
Oath Administered:    Dec 22 2015
End of Term:    Dec 31 2018
How Established:    Ordinance
Special Reference 1:    O-97-122, O-01-151
Special Reference 2:    O-03-139, O-07-95
Special Requirements:
Please Note: The Cultural Connections Committee was formerly named the Ethnic Awareness Committee. See here for details of Ordinance.

Calendar of Religious & Ethnic Observances
"The American Conference on Diversity Calendar (PDF) is a resource designed to encourage public awareness of the great diversity of religious and ethnic groups that live in the United States... Teachers may find the calendar particularly helpful as it identifies opportunities for objective, non-creedal instruction about particular cultures. Employers will find that it serves as a reminder of those religious observances that may result in employee absences. However, the list is not exhaustive of the observances of any one religion..." (From the publication's introduction).

Additional Resources
Please take a look at Citizens Resources (PDF) for a list of local organizations, a brief description, and contact information.

About the Committee

The purpose of the Cultural Connections Committee is to facilitate communication between the ethnic community and City government.

Primary Contact
Phone: 603-589-3010