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  1. Free Gate City Trolley Service to Downtown Friday & Saturday Evenings

    Starting Friday June 3rd, ride the Gate City Trolley for free downtown on Friday and Saturday nights. It will stop at the Elm Street and High Street parking garages, as well as multiple locations downtown. Plus, you get a ticket for riding Read on...
  2. Stay connected!

    Subscribe to Notify Me to receive updates and information about community news and happenings. Read on...
  3. Website Personalization Now Available!

    With the launch of the new MyDashboard feature, visitors to our website can now customize their viewing experience! Read on...
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  1. Welcome to the City of Nashua, NH online! Whether you are just browsing the web or looking for specific information; whether you live here or are planning a visit; whether you are a business owner, employee or job seeker, we want you to feel welcomed and have all your questions answered. Read More from the Mayor