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Posted on: June 12, 2017

Mayor Jim Donchess Announced the Completion of the First of Nashua’s City Academy


Mayor Jim Donchess announced the completion of the first course of Nashua’s City Academy, and marked the occasion with a presentation of certificates to participants, as well as a celebratory cake. Registration for the course was filled within a week of being announced, yielding a class of 50 participants. The 13-week course, which started on March 6, met each Monday evening for two hours at Nashua City Hall Auditorium. The course enabled participants to meet with the leaders of the various departments and divisions of city government, who shared details of the city’s infrastructure, resources, and facility operations in order to offer a better understanding of how the city government and services operate.

“I would like to thank and congratulate the participants for dedicating their time, and for their interest in and enthusiasm for the detailed workings of our city government,” said Mayor Donchess. “I was pleased to see this course develop and witness the involvement of everyone who attended. It is very important for Nashua that citizens from all walks of life get involved in our community. I am also grateful to the division directors, their staffs, and both the Fire and Police Chiefs and personnel who made this course possible. ”

“The Nashua City Academy has provided me with a deeper understanding of how the various departments in our city operate and collaborate, as well as the challenges they face providing the growing public services needed within a capped budget,” said Kyle Schneck, who works in the financial industry and was a Nashua City Academy graduate Monday Night. “It’s encouraging to know that there are a lot of talented people working at City Hall and to see some of the initiatives they are working on that will improve our city.” 

“Having lived in and around Nashua for about 20 years, I thought I knew a thing or two about how our city functions,” admitted Mike Apfelberg, also a City Academy graduate on Monday night, and President of the United Way of Greater Nashua. “Nashua City Academy has really opened my eyes up to so many more aspects of our civic and governmental machinations. I have been absolutely astounded at the depth of expertise to be found within our city government, whether it be police, the library, emergency management, public health, or whatever, in each department it seems like we have some amazing and very real experts. I was also very pleasantly surprised at the length of tenure for many of our city professionals. Even though many of them could earn more in the private sector, there is a real commitment to serving the city, and we are much stronger for it. Overall, City Academy gave me a much better appreciation for just what we have for people running our city and how much better they make our lives.”

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