Nashua’s residents and employers benefit from the city’s excellent public and private school system. With many educational and workforce training opportunities available, Nashua provides a comprehensive network to help ensure that people are educated and ready to enter the workforce.

There is a wide selection of post-secondary education choices in the area. Nashua, alone, is home to six colleges and universities that have a physical presence within the city.


The Nashua School District, in collaboration with parents and in partnership with the community, is committed to providing a high quality education to all students in a safe, nurturing, and motivating environment, dedicated to helping each student become a lifelong learner and a responsible, productive member of a rapidly changing society.

As the state’s second largest public school system, Nashua understands the importance of educating both traditional and non-traditional students. Every student benefits from a variety of academic choices from the time they enter elementary school until their secondary school graduation. Advanced Placement classes in nearly two dozen subjects are offered in high school, and some students may even qualify to participate in a program that allows them to earn college credits. Special education and related programs also are available.

Nashua offers a variety of quality private school options for elementary, middle school, and high school students.  The city is also home to two public charter schools, the Academy for Science and Design and Gate City Charter School for the Arts.  The Academy for Science and Design is the first charter school in New Hampshire to concentrate on a science, math, and engineering curriculum.  Gate City Charter School for the Arts offers students an arts-integrated curriculum.

High Schools

Elementary Schools

Higher Education

When it comes to higher education, Nashua means business. Our local colleges and universities produce engineers, artists, business executives, lawyers, technical innovators and more.

Nashua Community College

Nashua Community College has been providing accessible, quality programs of higher education in Nashua since 1970.  The College offers students over 30 courses of study for high school graduates looking to complete the first two years of a bachelor’s degree, working parents seeking a degree, those in pursuit of personal and professional enrichment.

Rivier University

Rivier College moved to its current Nashua location in 1941, where it became Rivier University in 2012.  Rivier has the largest student population in Nashua with 2,373 students enrolled in its programs. The Teacher Education and Nursing majors currently have the highest student enrollment.  Rivier University fields 13 NCAA Division III varsity athletic teams.

Southern New Hampshire University

The Nashua Center serves as the physical presence for Southern New Hampshire University in the city.  Enrolling at the Nashua Center provides students with access to more than 180 undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs, as well as in-person and online learning options.