Nashua Airport District

The area around Nashua Airport at Boire Field is the perfect location aviation-related businesses. The district includes 495 acres (airport encompasses 325 acres of that). Right outside the airport’s boundaries is Daniel Webster College and several zoned commercial sectors that host high-tech manufacturers and corporate offices. Its easy access from Exits 6 and 7 off of the F. E. Everett Turnpike makes it a crucial link for business and corporate travelers.

Representative Employers

Nashua Municipal Airport
Nashua Municipal Airport, at Boire Fields is the second busiest general Aviation airport in New Hampshire. It features a brand new 6,000 square foot runway that will extend the range of aircrafts taking off from Nashua. The airport is home to over 30 airport related businesses.

Airport Businesses Directory
Because of its location, Nashua Airport is perfect for a range of businesses from service based to light industrial. Though known for aviation related business, Nashua Airport also encompasses several zoned commercial areas that are not directly on the airport.