Nashua Diversity & Cultural Competency Trainings



This facilitative training helps participants explore the concepts of diversity and culture, and recognize personal values, beliefs, and biases.

Participants by the end of the session should be able to:
1. Define “diversity” and “culture” and explain the differences and similarities between the two concepts and how they relate to their work.
2. Identify their own Cultural attitudes towards communications, time, health, authority and work habits.
3. Describe how personal cultural attitudes impact their daily interactions.
4. Identify behaviors that indicate a lack of cultural competence and those that indicate skill in cultural competence
5. Explain the importance of cultural competence in their work.

Nashua DCC Training

An MBK Initiative

Classes are open to individuals and/or groups of 14-20 participants and will be facilitated by members of the Nashua Diversity & Cultural Competency Trainers who have been trained by the NH Office of Health Equity.

Classes may be held at the Arlington Street Community Center, your place of employment or organization.

Contact the trainers for more information by emailing  please indicate whether you are interested in a group or individual training.

The Nashua Diversity & Cultural Competency Trainers is an initiative of the My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge accepted by Mayor Donchess. For more information on Nashua MBK contact Kim Kleiner at (603)589-3260.

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