Census 2020 - Complete Count Committee

Preparations are underway in Nashua for the 2020 Census. Mayor Donchess has called for the creation of a Complete Count Committee which will follow a structure set up by the U.S. Census Bureau.  Mayor’s Office staff members, city directors, city staff  and community leaders have come together to form a Complete Count Committee, to increase awareness for and to motivate residents to respond to the 2020 Census.

Members of the Complete Count Committee have formed subcommittees to facilitate the distribution of important information, answer questions, advertise Census jobs, perform community outreach, host Census-related events and more.

Nashua Census Solutions Workshop

June 13, 2019
9 am -11 am

Nashua is forming a Complete Count Committee to ensure that everyone in the city is accurately counted in 2020. We will look at the challenges to counting Nashua’s population and begin to discuss ways to meet those challenges. Outreach and communication are key, we look to our community partners for their expertise.  This meeting will share the importance of a complete and accurate census!  Please join us on June 13th.

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2020 Census Count Committee guide thumbnailPlease click here for more information regarding the Census Count Committee (PDF).

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Agendas & Minutes
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Committee Members:

Chairperson: Kim Kleiner, Chief of Staff, Mayor’s Office

Business Subcommittee Chair:
Sarah Marchant, Director of Community Development, City of Nashua

Government Subcommittee Chair:
Justin Kates, Director of Emergency Management, City of Nashua

Media Subcommittee:
Kerry Miller, Communications and Special Projects, Mayor’s Office

Community Organizations Subcommittee:
Angela Lumenello, Epidemiologist, City of Nashua Health Department

Faith organizations Subcommittee:
Mike Apfelberg, President of United Way of Greater Nashua

Recruiting Subcommittee:
Cecilia Ulibarri, Constituent Services and Cultural Affairs Coordinator, Mayor’s Office

School Subcommittee:
Felicia Naro, Nashua Public Schools
Tina Forbes, Nashua Community College