CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Buses


2017 Ribbon Cutting

In late 2017, Nashua Transit System introduced a new fleet of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) buses into city service. Funding for these environmentally friendly and technologically advanced buses was provided primarily by the Federal Transportation Authority with additional contributions coming from the New Hampshire Department of Transportation and the City of Nashua. The buses were welcomed into service during a ribbon cutting ceremony by Mayor Jim Donchess, held on November 20, 2017 at the NTS Administrative Offices.

2017 - Mayor Jim Donchess and Nashua Transit System staff cut blue ribbon to welcome new CNG buses

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

CNG fuel produces the fewest emissions of all other fuels and produces far less pollutants than gasoline. An estimated 98% of Natural Gas is produced in North America, making it a domestically produced, economically supportive, and abundant fuel. CNG vehicles are considerably quieter while in operation, dramatically reducing noise for those in the vicinity of operations, both passengers and bystanders.

MobilEye Safety Technology

Buses are equipped with advanced MobilEye Safety Technology which will improve overall safety for both our riders and staff. This highly advanced system alerts the driver of potentially hazardous situations such as close proximity to vehicles and pedestrians, speed limits and lane departures. All buses are equipped with additional lighting to increase visibility for passengers and drivers.

Automatic Voice Annunciation System

The new fleet is installed with an automatic voice annunciation system. This system will provide an improved customer service experience with features such as “This Stop” and “Next Stop” information.