2018 Statistical Revaluation

Appraisal Report 2018

USPAP mass appraisal report

The NH Department of Revenue has reviewed the USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) mass appraisal report submitted by KRT on behalf of the City of Nashua and concluded the report complies with all state requirements, applicable laws and rules.

2018 DRA Review of USPAP Report for City of Nashua (PDF)

2018 Property Values

Draft Property Values

The files below are Draft Property Values before KRT conducted informal hearings with taxpayers.
Final property values were reflected on the 2018 final notice of tax (December tax bill).

    - KRT Appraisal - Assessing Department Notice (PDF)
    - 08-27-2018 Dear Taxpayer (PDF)
    - 2018 State-mandated Revaluation Hearing Presentation (PDF)
    - 2018 Revaluation Letter to Commercial Property Owners (PDF)