HOME Program

The City accepts proposals on a rolling basis to finance a portion of the acquisition, construction and/or rehabilitation costs of affordable housing projects. The HOME program requires a 25% match to the total HOME investment. For example, if the City allocates $100,000 in HOME funds, the developer must provide at least $25,000 in private funds.

HOME funding is currently limited. The City has several projects in the pipeline that will utilize current, as well as FY22, funding. Please contact the department if you have a development project planned for more than one year ahead.

HOME funds come with certain restrictions, including environmental review, long-term affordability, rent restrictions and housing quality standards. HOME funds are intended to fill a gap in the total cost of development, they are not intended as the primary source of financing. The City encourages development of low-income housing throughout the city, especially outside of the downtown area. For additional information, please explore the links below and contact our department with any questions:

Home Buyer Programs

The City is considering funding a home buyer program for low-moderate income buyers. If approved, the Program will likely be run through a local non-profit housing provider.  Please check back in the coming months for updates.  The City's current homebuyer policies can be found below. Additionally HOME funds may used to help develop new home-owner units in partnership with housing providers. When the City assists a developer to create new housing units, the information will be posted here.

Homebuyer Resale/Recapture Policy