Electric Aggregation Committee


This committee was created to establish an Electric Aggregation Plan for the City of Nashua to outline how Nashua Community Power with be implemented and maintained. Nashua Community Power is a program that allows the city to negotiate on behalf of the community, a default supply rate for electricity.  

See the link below to read the City's Aggregation Plan. 
City of Nashua Aggregation Plan

Nashua Community Power Status 

The City of Nashua is working with the Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire (CPCNH) to contract for Nashua Community Power program services including purchasing power supply, customer service, and development of related special projects.  

Through working with CPCNH the city was able to establish a default supply rate of 10.9 cents/KWH starting in the August billing cycle of 2023 and guaranteed through the January 2024 billing cycle. Nashua Community Power is also offering the option to opt up to include more renewable energy content their electric supply at a higher rate.  *please note that most energy customers do not get their meter read on the first of the month so if a customer's billing cycle started in July of 2023 they will not see the new rate until they receive a bill with the billing cycle starting in August 2023.

To opt out of the Nashua Community Power Rate or Talk to Customer Service Please Call: 1-866-603-7697, or visit Nashua Community Power

cpcnh rates Aug 2023