Assessing Department

The Residential Assessment Information Report is a resource available to property owners to help them understand how assessments work, how assessments are calculated and how property cards are created. This report was prepared by KRT, the firm hired by the city to perform the most recent property revaluations and was ordered released by Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess.
View or download the Residential Assessment Information Report (PDF).
View or download the Management Audit Report (PDF)

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Solar Energy Systems Exemption

There has been a surge in homeowners putting solar equipment on homes in 2015. The City assesses solar equipment and it is likely that your property value will change. Per RSA 72:62, the City of Nashua offers a "Solar Energy Systems Exemption" up to the amount of $5,000 "from the assessed value, for property tax purposes, for persons owning real property which is equipped with a solar energy system as defined in RSA 72:61".

See the Solar Exemption News Release (PDF) for more information.

GIS Maps/Assessing Information

Access our "live" assessment data information using our GIS Maps/Assessing Information. If your need help with this process refer to Help for GIS Maps/Assessing Info or Help for Printing an Abutters List.

Assessment Data (WebPro)

Access an online database (WebPro) that allows you to search for property assessment data. The records contain assessment information used for the December 2015 Tax Bills. If you need help with this process refer to the Assessment Data Assistance Document (PDF).

Nashua Assessment Revaluation for 2013

The Assessor's Office has recently completed and Assessment Revaluation for 2013 (PDF). The assessed value represents and estimate of the fair market value of properties and is based on sales of similar properties that have occurred through the City of Nashua


The mission of the Assessing Department is to ensure that all property within the City of Nashua is assessed fairly and equitably in accordance with RSA 75:1 which states in part [Assessing Departments] "shall appraise all taxable property at its full and true value in money...and shall receive and consider all evidence that may be submitted to them relative to the value of property". Accordingly, the Assessing Department's purpose is to administer NH State Laws and programs governing property assessment in an honest and professional manner.


To meet that responsibility, the Assessing Department, with a professionally trained team of appraisers, administrative personnel and state of the art technology, conduct various assessing practices to ensure an equitable and accountable real estate based assessment program. Therefore, the department is able to provide the citizens of Nashua with fair administration of programs governing property assessment, municipal efficiency and prompt response to public inquiries.