Millyard Redevelopment Study

Millyard area

The City of Nashua is in the process of developing a concept plan for the remnant land leftover in the Millyard now that the Broad St. Parkway project is substantially complete. This initiative is the development of a concept plan on 3.5 to 4.0 acres of land.


The link below contains the Phase I Environmental Report for the NIMCO site.

Phase I Environmental Study


February 2, 2022  A meeting was held with the Millyard Board of Directors to get their initial input on the Nimco site. They provided over all concerns as far as Pedestrian access/safety, truck access to the Bagshaw property and vehicular flow and parking on the site.

February 2, 2022 - Millyard Meeting Slide Deck

April 20, 2022 A public meeting was held to discuss in greater detail traffic circulation, use, density and parking of the Nimco site. 

April 20, 2022 - Public Meeting Slide Deck