Millyard Dog Park Feasibility Study

2021 Dog Park Feasibility Study Cover
In 2021, the Animal and Dog Park Advisory Committee (ADPAC) requested a study be conducted to assess the feasibility of a free public dog park in the downtown area known as the Millyard. The purpose of the study was to determine if the proposed location near the entrance to Mine Falls Park (Lot 77-5) is suitable for use as a dog park with respect to general recommendations and guidelines for an urban dog park, the area served, accessibility, environmental conditions, and operations and maintenance.

The Feasibility Study concluded that "The Millyard parcel is a feasible location for the installation of a public dog park. There are some limitations associated with the flood plain condition, but they can be managed with engineering and design." (Executive Summary, page 6).

The ADPAC is in the process of forming a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization to raise funds for construction and maintenance of the dog park through donations, grants and sponsorships. The non-profit will also manage the operations of the dog park (similar to the Dog Owners Group non-profit that built and maintains the Nashua Dog Park on Groton Road). Please contact the ADPAC if you are interested in being involved at:

2021 Millyard Dog Park Feasibility Study with Reduced Size Plans (pdf, 13 MB)
Large format plans in the Appendix have been reduced from 34x22 to 17x11 for printing

2021 Millyard Dog Park Feasibility Study with Full Size Plans (pdf, 16.5MB)

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