Property Sales Lookup

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Search Property Sales

button property sales searchYou may search property sales by Sheet (Map), Street Name, Point of Interest, etc. Partial information is OK. Apply filters to narrow your search. (Please allow time for the map to redraw)

Searching for property sales...

  1. Start by entering your subject address –it will automatically populate a pick list as you type. Select from the list.
  2. The default search radius is one mile.
  3. The application will place a pin at the location you selected and highlight all sales within the specified radius.
  4. You can also enter a point of interest such as Nashua City Hall or Greeley Park
  5. The application will pin the address you selected, center the location on the map, and highlight all sales within the one mile radius. (Allow time for the map to redraw)
  6. Open the filter list, Select the filter you want to apply. Apply filters ONE at a time.
  7. Click the APPLY button and CLOSE the filter. (Allow time for the map to redraw)