Complaint Forms

NTS strives to provide excellent public transportation services to all citizens of Nashua and surrounding communities. We are committed to providing safe and easily accessible transportation options to the public, and are responsible to follow non-discriminatory measures. All passengers should be treated equally and fairly, and we encourage anyone to report any issues of discrimination they have experienced or seen with NTS. Below are a selection of complaint forms for any rider to fill out and send us if they believe they have experienced or seen someone else be subject to discrimination in regards to NTS services.

Title VI Complaints

For complaints regarding discrimination based on race, color, or national origin, please use a Title VI complaint form.

Complimentary Paratransit Complaints

For complaints regarding the NTS Complimentary Paratransit service, please use a Complimentary Paratransit complaint form.

General ADA Complaints

For complaints regarding ADA accessibility on the NTS fixed route bus or general matters, please use a General ADA complaint form.

To report other complaints, please send us a message through our Form Center.