June 2023 Bus Services

Starting Monday, June 5, 2023, NTS will be returning bus routes to its current fixed route services. The Route 2 will return to weekday daytime service, and the three Saturday routes will be replaced with six returning routes. Please see the information below for all available NTS bus service starting June 5th.

Weekday Bus Service: Available June 5, 2023

  • Route 2
  • Route 2A
  • Route 6
  • Route 6A
  • Route 19
  • Route 712
  • North Route - (Night service)
  • South Route - (Night service) 

Click here for bus stop/route alternatives for the Routes 1, 7, 9, and 12.

Saturday Bus Service: Available June 10, 2023

  • Route 1
  • Route 2A
  • Route 6
  • Route 7
  • Route 9
  • Route 12

NOTE: The Saturday North End, Central Area, and South End routes will NO longer be available starting June 10th.

Updated System Maps

Riders can view the new NTS system maps by following the links below:

Mapas en Español

Map of NTS Weekday Daytime Bus service starting June 5, 2023.
Systemwide map of the NTS nighttime service with temporary service reductions.
Map of Saturday NTS bus service starting June 10, 2023.
NTS weekday service map - June 2023 Spanish
Poster map of the weekday nighttime service in Spanish.
NTS Saturday Poster Map for June 2023 in Spanish