In an effort to make the solicitation process more efficient and cost effective for both vendors and the City, we have adopted an electronic bidding process for all types of solicitations.  Electronic bids may be submitted on the website. It is strongly recommended vendors become familiar with the electronic process. Vendors will no longer pay a fee when utilizing for their bid submission.

All electronic proposers must first register on Electronic bidding assures the agency knows who the bid is really from (forgery resistance), ensures that nobody can alter a bid (non-repudiation), prevents the information in a bid from disclosure to unauthorized parties (secrecy), and safeguards that even authorized parties cannot access them prior to the public opening (sealing).

Secure electronic bidding allows vendors to:

  • Eliminate late bids due to weather, mail and traffic delays
  • Minimize bid disqualification due to omissions
  • Reduce costs removing delivery, printing and resource costs
  • Bid and re-bid until the last minute
  • Download bid documents including plans for free
  • Validate bid bonds online

To view opportunities on Bonfire please go to City of Nashua, NH (