Tax Assessment Higher than Fair-Market Value

Taxpayers who believe their property is over-assessed should view the assessment data to verify accuracy. Property ownership as well as assessment data including such things like building square footage, age, acreage and assessment, along with a sketch of the structure(s) can be viewed at the Assessment Data online resource. If a property is listed with incorrect data, this could cause an incorrect assessment. If the data is correct and the taxpayer still believes the assessment is too high, s/he may apply for a property tax abatement. It is in the abatement form any discrepancies in the data should be noted.

Time Period to File

The time period to file an abatement is AFTER you receive your final property tax bill and before March 1st (not later).


If it is determined the assessment is at a higher ratio to market value than other properties in the City, an abatement would be granted, however if the level of assessment is at the same level of other properties in the City, then no adjustment would be appropriate and the abatement may be denied. More information on filing an abatement can be found on the Assessment Appeals page. The abatement form is accessible here or in the Assessing Department during the filing period.