City Clerk's Office

Covid-19 Emergency Measures

 Covid-19 Emergency Measure No.  1 - Relative to Temporary Adjustment to Site Plans

 Covid-19 Emergency Measure No.  2 - Relative to Temporary Road Closures, Elimination of Certain On-Street Parking for Use by Restaurants for Outdoor Dining

 Covid-19 Emergency Measure No.  3 - Relative to Temporary 15-Minute Parking

 Covid-19 Emergency Measure No.  4 - Relative to Face Coverings

Covid-19 Emergency Measure No. 5 - Relative to Personal Days for Unaffiliated Employees in the Public Health and Community Services Division

Covid-19 Emergency Measure No. 6 - Relative to Maximum Vacation Accruals for Unaffiliated Employees

Covid-19 Emergency Measure No. 7 - Supplemental Requirements Relative to Face Coverings

Covid-19 Emergency Measure No. 8 - Extending Temporary Adjustments to Site Plans to Allow for Greater Outdoor Seating at Restaurants

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Birth, death or marriage certificates

To request a certified copy online, please visit: 

To request a certified copy by mail, you may download the request at

Dog licenses

City Hall is closed to the public and the City Clerk’s Office will continue to accept online, mail in requests, and drop-offs (Use the outside Drop Box on Elm Street side of building). In order for a dog to be licensed, the owner or keeper of the dog must furnish proof of a current rabies vaccination.  If the dog has been spayed or neutered, and it is not currently on file, the owner or keeper needs to provide the proper documentation in order to receive the discounted rate.   To license your dog by mail, please print off and complete the city’s Dog License Application, and return it to the City Clerk’s Office with the required documentation and fee.  

If you wish to register your dog online, please click on the icon.

Please note there is a transaction fee and convenience fee associated with the online service. The cost of a dog license is as follows:

  • Puppy (ages 4-7 months) - $7.50 
  • Spayed or neutered dogs - $7.50
  • Unaltered female or male dogs - $10
  • Senior citizen dog - $3.00 (owner who is 65 years old or older on the first dog only)

If you did not license your dog for the 2020-2021 licensing year, you will be responsible for bringing your account current by paying for a license for 2020-2021, as well as late fees ($1.00 per month from June forward) and $7 cost of service fee.  Citizens may verify their dog information on file by emailing or by calling 589-3010, option 5.

Landlords Provide Notice

  • NH RSA 540 Requires that Certain Landlords Provide Notice of NH Resident Authorized to Accept Service of Legal Proceeding

540:1-b Landlord’s Agent Required

An owner of restricted property, as defined in RSA 540:1-a, shall...within 30 days of becoming the owner or within 30 days of the effective date of this section, whichever occurs later, file a statement with the town or city clerk of the municipality in which the property is located that provides the name, address, and telephone number of a person within the state who is authorized to accept service of process for any legal proceeding brought against the owner relating to the restricted property. Such person authorized to accept service may be the owner of the premises (if a NH resident).

View the law and access Code Enforcement Emergency Information Form (PDF) which may be used to comply with this law in the City of Nashua is available here. Nashua does not charge a fee for this filing.