Seal of the City of Nashua

City of Nashua Seal

The seal of the City of Nashua shall consist of a circular disk, upon the outer edge of which shall be inserted the words “TOWNSHIP OF DUNSTABLE, 1673," and upon the bottom of the disc the words “CITY OF NASHUA, 1853.” In the foreground shall be an anvil and hammer, a plough, a bale of goods, a regulator and a horn of plenty. 

Across the center of the disc shall be represented a bridge and train of railroad cars; in the background shall be a cotton mill and iron foundry. In the upper center shall be 2 clasped hands. The whole to be enclosed in a laurel wreath.


  • Laurel - symbolized victory, the conquest of the wilderness
  • Dunstable became a plantation in 1673
  • Nashua was incorporated as a city in 1853
  • The clasped hands, symbolize the union of Nashua and Nashville
  • The articles in the foreground symbolize the chief occupations of Nashua
  • Railroad train and bridge, a traffic center and water power
  • The mill and foundry, leading industries