Records & Research

Most of the information held by the City Clerk is available in this office for your review. You may come into the office to review materials any day Monday through Friday, during regular business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Maintaining Records

Records created by, or deposited with, the Office of the City Clerk are maintained in accordance with NH RSA 33-A, Disposition of Municipal Records. State law or state department regulations may require additional retention requirements. Certain records are classified as confidential and cannot be disclosed without a court order except to parties with vested interests who have a right to access such material. In certain cases, records with historical, genealogical, or unique properties may be retained beyond their scheduled disposition date. Inactive or archival records are retained on paper or microfilm and filed by subject or by date. The City Clerk's Office does not have a microfilm reader available for public use. Some active records may be “live” in electronic form (e.g., our voter registration database); upon a request for inspection or duplication, paper or electronic copies of these electronic records will be produced, whenever possible and within a reasonable period of time.

Request to Review

A Request to Review a Record (PDF) should contain enough information to reasonably describe the record or information requested. We ask that persons making a request for information limit the scope of their request to the information desired. (For example, do not request a copy of the Municipal Code of Ordinances if all you want to see is the dog-licensing ordinance.) A request for a record that does not have a reasonable limit to the subject matter or length of time represented by the record is not sufficient. The City Clerk may require that a request be made in writing to ensure the accuracy of the search.

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* "The Streets of Nashua" was a 2006 project of AP US History students from Nashua High Schools, North and South, under the direction of Miss Poulin. If you notice any omissions or errors, please forward that information to the City Clerk ( along with the source of your information so that we can verify your report. We will create an "errata" page that will clarify the students' work.