Record Fees

Current fee policy for duplication of records is $0.75 for the first page of each document and 10 cents per page thereafter. (There are other fees associated with certification, vital records, checklists, and misc. other records, however.)

There is no charge for the first 30-minutes of research conducted by the City Clerk's Office staff, thereafter the rate is $25/hour.

Fee includes the following:
  1. Up to 12 photocopies for most orders with a citation of the source;
  2. A report of search indicating all sources searched if information is not located; and/or
  3. When applicable, a listing of suggested sources for additional research.
The City Clerk's Office is not authorized or staffed to engage in comprehensive genealogical research or to verify family relationships.

There are costs associated with any records search and/or duplication. Persons submitting a request for records may be asked to sign an agreement to pay for the costs or recovery and/or duplication and/or to provide a deposit against the anticipated costs.

Email, Mail and/or Fax Delivery
Certified records cannot be emailed or faxed. Small file documents that exist in digital form may sometimes be emailed as an attachment, staff and resources permitting. There is no fee for this service. There is a $1, prepaid fee required for a fax in addition to any duplication costs. If there is a request that the record be mailed, postage must be prepaid in addition to any duplication costs. The City Clerk's Office assumes no responsibility for delivery of email or fax documents, though we will maintain a record of when the document was sent via email or fax and to what email address or fax number.