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Quaker Road - Quaker Road was named after Quaker families that owned land in this area, many of whom were English investors or soldiers. Some Quakers were persecuted and killed in England during the 1690s.

Queensway Circle - Queensway Circle was recently developed and named to compliment the neighborhood theme. Its name was given by the developer to show superiority among the streets, not unlike Bicentennial Drive.

Quincy Street - Quincy Street is named for inventor Edwin White of Nashua who created and later patented an alarm money drawer in 1859. This unique invention was manufactured on Quincy Street until 1921.

Quinton Drive - William Quinton, a Nashua native, served in the Army of the Revolutionary War from 1775-1783. Quinton, for whom Quinton Drive was named, gained honor from his command of the troops. Quinton Drive is located off Ridge Road.