Parking Department

Overnight Parking Study - Virtual Town Hall Meetings Jan-Feb 2020

Over the next couple of months, the City will be conducting an overnight parking study and will be looking into whether or not overnight on-street parking may be allowed and we are looking for your input!

Town Hall style meetings have been scheduled by ward for residents who may be interested in attending. To learn more about the current overnight on-street parking ban and would like to share your opinion please join the Zoom call meeting for your ward!

Download the Meeting poster (PDF) for virtual meeting details in your Ward

Ward 9 - Thursday, 1/14 at 6PM
Ward 8 – Thursday, 1/21 at 6PM
Ward 7 – Monday, 1/25 at 6PM
Ward 6 – Thursday, 1/28 at 6PM
Ward 5 – Monday, 2/1 at 6PM
Ward 4 – Thursday, 2/4 at 6PM
Ward 3 – Monday, 2/8 at 6PM
Ward 2 – Thursday, 2/11 at 6PM
Ward 1 – Thursday, 2/18 at 6PM

Zoom Meeting ID/Password for each town hall meeting can be found on individual ward fliers in the Poster PDF, link above

Visitors and tourists swell Nashua’s driving population each day, often arriving in and traversing the downtown business area. To ensure that patrons have parking options, the City of Nashua offers an extensive system of metered parking spaces, parking lots and parking garages.