Urban Programs

The Urban Programs is a sub-division of the Community Development Division

NEW! Substantial Amendment to the FY20 Action Plan/Consolidated Plan, acceptance of CDBG-CV funding under the CARES Act of 2020, and amending the Citizen Participation Plan. The City wishes to reprogram existing CDBG funds and accept/use the new appropriation to respond to the Coronovirus public health crisis.  The details will be discussed at the Human Affairs Committee meeting at 7:00pm on 4/21/2020.  In addition, we wish to amend our Citizen Participation Plan to provide a 5-day comment period. Full details may be found in this memo. Please note as HUD is frequently introducing new waivers, we did not initially include other HUD programs, such as the HOME Program, in the memo.  However, the proposed 5-day comment period amendment to the Citizen Participation Plan shall also apply to any covered HUD Program when applicable.

Comments on both amendments will be accepted until 3:00 pm April 27, 2020. Please submit comments to UrbanPrograms@nashuanh.gov. All comments, questions and responses will be posted to the City’s Urban Programs Department webpage.  Individuals who are unable to submit comments via email may call 603-589-3087 and leave their comment in a voicemail.

Comments Received: The City received one email from a local business seeking assistance and inquiring where the applications could be found. We responded that final approval of the Program is pending and if approved, applications will be available early-May.

We also received a letter from Opportunity Networks in favor of the Program and amendments to the Plans.

FY2021 CDBG APPLICATION: The Human Affairs Committee began reviewing applications at their February 10, 2020 meeting. Due to COVID-19, this legislation has been postponed. We hope to take it back up for discussion in May. Please check the City’s calendar for updates.

CONSOLIDATED PLAN DEVELOPMENT: The City held its first public hearing on 2/12/2020. Click here for the presentation given at the public hearing.   We also held a stakeholder input session on 2/13/2020.  That presentation, which includes the interactive polling results, can be found here. Release of the Draft 2020 Consolidated Plan is currently delayed.  Please check back for updates.


Our mission is to:
  • Help identify community needs to improve the quality of life for lower-income families and individuals
  • Collaborate with community groups, faith-based organizations, developers and investors
  • Obtain and administer federal, state, local and private resources to address community needs
  • Evaluate program outcomes, impact to the community and effectiveness of the grants
  • Promote Fair and Equal Housing
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Matters Overseen by Nashua’s Urban Programs Department

The City of Nashua is an entitlement community. Meaning we receive Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnership funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) each year. These funds are based on a formula and announced each year by HUD. In order to receive these funds, the City of Nashua must prepare a "Consolidated Plan" for approval by HUD at least every five years and an Annual Action Plan for each of those five years.

Consolidated Plan

The Consolidated Plan is a five-year strategic plan that provides a course of action for building livable communities throughout the City. The Plan describes the City’s goals and objectives to address priority needs related to affordable housing, homelessness, non-homeless special needs populations and community development, which includes economic development, revitalization, community infrastructure, and public services.

Click here for a PDF copy of the City's current Consolidated Plan (Including the FY17 Action Plan