Accounts Payable

Major Duties

  • Processes all City obligations (exclusive of the School Department)
  • Coordinates the warrant process producing bimonthly warrants and vendor checks for both the City and the School Department
  • Performs applicable Compliance functions

Vendor Information

Please use the link below to download the vendor packet. In the packet you will find the City of Nashua’s Substitute W-9 Form.

If you are using Internet Explorer, complete the form online then click on the green button at the bottom to email it directly to Accounts Payable.

If you are using any other web browser, please save the form to your computer, fill in the fields, and email to You can also fax it to: (603) 589-3344.

The substitute W-9 form was developed to comply with the IRS regulations and to assist the City of Nashua in paying providers and vendors for their goods and services. You, as a payee, are required by law to provide us, as a payer, your correct Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). If this number is not provided, you may be subject to a 28% withholding on each payment. To avoid this 28% withholding and to insure that accurate tax information is reported to the IRS, please use this form to provide the requested information.

ACH Vendor Direct Deposit

If you would like to enroll in ACH direct deposit, please contact our Accounts Payable Department.