Information for Bidders

Bidders' Lists
Lists of bidders are maintained on file in the Central Purchasing Department by types of commodities offered. Anyone desiring the listing may request one from the City Purchasing Department, City Hall, Nashua, NH 03061. If qualified by the Purchasing Manager, your name will be added to the appropriate list. Offers on City projects will be accepted only from qualified bidders. Any qualified bidder who becomes in default to the City for any reason will automatically be disqualified.
Subsection 800.01
Policy Statement
It is the policy of the Purchasing Department to develop competition in the purchase of all material, equipment and supplies while assuring to the using agencies prompt service and products of specified quality at the least possible cost. Effort will be made to provide bidders with specific descriptions of merchandise required and sufficient time to assure competition.
Subsection 800.02

Types of Bid Requests

Three types of bid requests are used; namely, proposals, request for quotation, and telephone requests. Proposals are generally advertised locally for sealed bids. Requests for quotations are used when transactions involve expenditures up to a maximum value, or competitive sources are limited. Telephone requests are used when an urgency exists, or when items of a minor nature are involved. Vendors must be prepared to furnish written confirmation for any bid which exceeds $1000.
Subsection 800.03

Sealed Bids

Sealed bids are usually required for all purchases exceeding $10,000 and are at the Purchasing Manager's discretion for lesser amounts. Bids are opened and made public at the time and place noted in the bid documents and/or advertised in the local paper. Sealed bids must be received at the designated office or electronically at on or before the date and time advertised for bid opening. When identical low bids are received with respect to price, delivery, and quality, award will be made by drawn lot publicly, except that in the case of tie bids preference will be given to local concerns.
Subsection 800.04
Unit Prices & Extensions
Where provision is made on the bid form for unit prices, bidders must enter their bid for the specific item per unit as specified. Whenever there is a variance between the unit price and extension, the unit price will govern in making awards.
Subsection 800.05
Offers With Price Increase Provisions
When an offer includes a provision for automatic price increase, a firm bid from another bidder may be given prior consideration if it appears to be in the City's best interest.
Subsection 800.06
Meeting Specifications
Specifications define the item required. Any variations between specifications and those of any alternate offered must be clearly stated by bidder. If no variations are indicated, merchandise will be delivered exactly in compliance with the specifications. Samples may be requested of alternate offers.
Subsection 800.07
Use of Brand Names
Occasionally it is desirable to use brand names as being indicative of type and quality required. When bidder indicates no change, it is understood he is bidding on the brand specified. When alternate items are offered, a complete illustrated description of such alternate must be submitted with the bid, and samples must be submitted when requested. A name and stock number are not sufficient information for alternates and will not be considered. Final determination of acceptability will be the responsibility of the agent.
Subsection 800.08
Quality of Merchandise
Unless specified otherwise, all equipment, materials, and supplies delivered to the City must be new, current production merchandise in first class condition. Using agencies will accept goods only in accordance with this policy.
Subsection 800.09
Penalty for Failure to Meet Terms of Contract
Bidders must offer specific delivery date in executing proposals. Failure to do so may disqualify bid. Whenever a vendor fails to deliver in accordance with the terms of his offer, the City will consider such failure a breach of contract. The City may procure upon such terms and in such manner as it may deem appropriate, items comparable to those ordered not to exceed the quantity specified, and contractor shall be liable to the City for any excess cost thereby incurred.
Subsection 800.10
Supplying Samples
Failure to furnish samples when requested will be deemed sufficient cause for not considering the bid. When requested, the City will endeavor to return samples unless required for testing or delivery acceptance purposes.
Subsection 800.11
Exemption From Taxes
All quotations should be less Federal and State Taxes. Our exemption number is 02-6000581. A clause on our purchase order form clearly states the City's exemption.
Subsection 800.12
Freight Charges
All bids should include delivery or freight charges. The City can not accept deliveries that are specified collect by the vendor. All deliveries to City agencies must be pre-paid.
Subsection 800.13
Bid Modifications
Offers may be revised by bidder or by an authorized agent of the bidder at any time prior to closing time of proposal. Thereafter, no revision will be permitted.
Subsection 800.14
Bid & Performance Bonds
Whenever the terms of a proposal require a bid bond, certified check, or performance bond, it must be filed with the agent in the amount and of the kind specified. Bonds must be countersigned by a resident agent of the bonding company licensed to do business in the State of New Hampshire, unless otherwise requested by the bidder and approved by the agent.
Subsection 800.15

Method of Award

Award is made to the lowest responsible bidder whose offer meets the terms and conditions as specified in the proposal giving due consideration to time and method of delivery. The City will write a formal purchase order to the successful bidder only after all City Charters and ordinances are satisfied.
Subsection 800.16

Procurement Procedure

The City of Nashua issues purchase orders or contracts for materials, supplies, and services. The Purchasing Department is the only authorized source of such orders or contracts. Any other verbal or written order is invalid and illegal.
Subsection 800.17

Invoicing Policy

All vendor invoices must be submitted to City of Nashua, Accounts Payable, 229 Main Street, Nashua, NH, 03061-2019. Invoice must reference purchase order. It is recommended that invoices be submitted in a timely manner for prompt payment.
Subsection 800.18
Rejection of Bids
The agent shall have the authority to reject all bids, parts of all bids, or all bids for any one or more supplies or contractual services included in the proposed contract when the public interest will be served thereby.
Subsection 800.19