Bid Results

Note: Bid results will remain on this page for a minimum of 3 months.
Bid/Proposal Number Deadline Closing Date Bid Summary
Awarded to Date
Al Savage Basketball Courts Painting
June 13, 2019  Vermont Recreational
Barnet, VT 
$9,989 Entire Surface

New England Sealcoating
Hingham, MA
$10,570 Entire Surface
$  5,979 Court Surface Only 

Municipal Towing Services
June 12, 2019
Broadside Collision
Nashua, NH

1st Priority Towing & Recovery
Nashua, NH

D & R Towing
Nashua, NH

5 Star Towing
Nashua, NH

Nashua Towing And Recovery Association
Nashua, NH
Design Services and Project Management of Downtown Riverfront Implementation
June 12, 2019
Boston, MA

Chelmsford, MA

Greenman-Pedersen Inc
Portsmouth, NH

Tighe & Bond
Portsmouth, NH

Bedford, NH
Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Services 
June 4, 2019  NAI Norwood Group
Bedford, NH

KW Commercial
Portsmouth, NH

JLL - Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc.
Boston, MA
Renovations to City Hall Front Entry 
May 31, 2019  Northpoint Construction Management
Hudson, NH
Option 1 Preferred Double Door $24,869
Option 2 Single Door $23,604
Vendor Option 3 Marvin Commercial Clad Hardwood Entrance Door $45,454 

Paxor Construction
Merrimack, NH
Option 1 Preferred Double Door $28,656.16
Option 2 Single Door $17,193.93

IT Server Room Upgrades 
May 29, 2019  J. Lawrence Hall
Nashua, NH

Electronic Environments Infrastructure Solutions
Marlborough, MA

Palmer and Sicard
Nashua, NH
Nashua Fire Rescue Hot Water and HVAC System Upgrades
May 29, 2019  Berkeley Building Company
Reading, MA

RTH Mechanical Contractors Inc.
Brentwood. NH
Not an acceptable Bid.  Vendor did not sign and return Addendum 1 or 2 with their Bid as required in Bid documents

Alliance Mechanical
Junction, VT

Palmer & Sicard
Nashua, NH
Alternate $194,000 with approval of Johnson Control equipment substitution.
Futsal Court Fence and Netting
May 1, 2019
Premier Fence LLC
Canton MA
Area A: $12,930.96
Area B: $7,924.20
Area C: $4,077.39
Area D: $12,158.97
Area E: $15,535.50
TOTAL: $52,627.02

Olympic Fence
West Newbury, MA
Area A: $5,155
Area B: $3,325
Area C: $3,400
Area D: $5,155
Area E: $6,640
TOTAL: $23,675

Emergency Ambulance Services 
April 26, 2019  Lifeline Ambulance Service
Concord, NH

CarePlus Ambulance Service, Inc.
Merrimack, NH

Nashua, NH
14 Court Street Fire Suppression System 
April 26, 2019
Nashua, NH

Northpoint Construction Management
Hudson, NH
Build-Tech Developers
Peabody, MA
Alternates $23,000

Berkeley Building Company
Reading, MA

B5 Bio Diesel Fuel 
April 26, 2019  Santa Buckley Energy
Bridgeport, CT
$2.3982 per gallon
Not an acceptable Bid.  Did not provide complete documentation that the Bid requested.

East River Energy
Guilford, CT
$2.5703 per gallon

Dennis K. Burke Inc.
Taunton, MA
$2.4351 per gallon
Awarded 5/15/2019
Dennis K. Burke Inc.
Taunton, MA

Nashua Transit Center Retrofit Project
April 24, 2019  CMA Engineers, Inc.
Portsmouth, NH

Portsmouth, NH
Heritage Rail Trail East
April 19, 2019  Quantum Construction Consultants
Concord, NH

CMA Engineers, Inc.
Portsmouth, NH

Hoyle Tanner & Associates, Inc.
Manchester, NH

Bedford, NH

Auburn, NH

DuBois & King
Bedfod, NH
2019 Pavement Crack Sealing Program
April 18, 2019  Sealcoating Inc.
Braintree, MA

Superior Sealcoat, Inc.
Wilmington, MA
Awarded 5/15/2019
Sealcoating Inc.
Braintree, MA
Mine Falls Hydroelectric Facility Professional Licensing and Compliance Services
April 15, 2019  Normandeau Associates, Inc.
Bedford, NH

Gomez and Sullivan Engineers D.P.C.
Henniker, NH

Alden Research Laboratory, Inc.
Holden, MA
Wastewater Pump Station Upgrades - Phase 1
March 22, 2019
T Buck Construction
Turner ME
Base Bid: $3,992,200

Albanese D & S Inc
Dracut MA
Base Bid: $4,222,750

DeFelice Corporation
Dracut MA
Base Bid: $3,469,550

Awarded 4/3/19
DeFelice Corporation
Dracut, MA 
Design, Build, Operation and Decommissioning of Solar Arrays 
March 13, 2019  RPG Energy Group
Indianapolis, IN

Advanced Solar Products Inc.
Wayland, MA

Barrington Power LLC
Barrington, NH
ReVision Energy
Portland, ME

Nashua Pedestrian Bridge Ramp Design Services Project 
January 28, 2019  Tighe & Bond
Portsmouth, NH

DuBois & King
Bedford, NH
School Street Lot Development
March 30,2017
Lansing Melbourne Group
Fort Lauderdale, FL