Bid Results

Note: Bid results will remain on this page for a minimum of 3 months.
Bid/Proposal Number Deadline Closing Date Bid Summary
Awarded to Date
Nashua Transit System Advertising
 October 11, 2019
ATA Outdoor
Greenland, NH

FUEL Media Holdings
Ponte Vedra, FL

6 Wheel Dump Truck Up-Fits
September 27, 2019  HP Fairfield LLC
Pembroke, NH
$113,488 Parks & Recreation
$116,477 Highway

Viking Cives
Lewiston, ME
$96,025 Parks & Recreation
$96,848 Highway

Donovan Equipment
Londonderry, NH
$111,740 Parks & Recreation
$113,140 Highway

Barrie, VT
$104,937 Parks & Recreation - Alternate SS Body $106,957
$104,937 Highway - Alternate SS Body $106,957

Penway Sales and Service
Leominster, MA
$118,524 Parks & Recreation
$118,694 Highway
Proposals for Full Measure and List Appraisal & Revaluation for the City of Nashua 
September 26, 2019  KRT Appraisal
Haverhill, MA

Corcoran Consulting Associates, Inc.
Wolfeboro Falls, NH

Tyler Technologies
Moraine, OH

Vision Government Solutions
Hudson, MA

Snow Plowing Services for Municipal Lots
September 24, 2019  Accurate Dimensions
Bedford, NH 
Greeley Park Boat Ramp
September 19, 2019  Charter Contracting Company, LLC
Boston, MA

Hansen Bridge, LLC
New London, NH

Berkeley Building Company
Redding, MA

ACK Marine & General Contracting inc.
Quincy, MA

Northeast Earth Mechanics
Pittsfield, NH
2019 Pipeline Assessment Project 
September 18, 2019  Diversified Infrastructure Services
Waterbury, CT

Truax Corporation
North Attleboro, MA

National Water Main Cleaning Company
Canton, MA

Kenyon Pipeline Inspection, LLC
Queensbury, NY
Vendor Math Error on this Bid.  The correct Bid total is $315,000

Precision Measurements, Inc.
Virginia Beach, VA
Vendor Math Error on this Bid.  The correct Bid total is $250,500

Green Mountain Pipeline Service
Bethel, VT

Ted Berry Company, LLC
Livermore, ME
Awarded 10/2/2019 to Ted Berry Company, LLC 
Livermore, ME
Nashua Riverfront Tree Removal
September 16, 2019 
 Accurate Tree Service
Mayer Tree Service
Pioneer Tree Service
Northern Tree Service
 Trees 0.00” to 1.99” in diameter  $70.00
 $100.00  $50.00
 Trees 2.00” to 5.99” in diameter  $15.00  $9.00  $200.00  $75.00
 Trees 6.00” to 9.99” in diameter  $114.00 $9.00
 Trees 10.00” to 13.99” in diameter $342.00

 Trees 14.00” to 17.99”  $400.00  $290.00 $750.00
 Trees 18.00” to 21.99” in diameter  $487.50 $490.00
 Trees 22.00” to 25.99 in diameter  $712.50 $790.00
 Trees 26.00’ in diameter or greater  $950.00 $1,590.00
 0” – 4” Limb Removal  $47.00 $31.00
 4” and Greater Limb Removal  $47.00 $49.00
 $100.00 $75.00
 Debris removal: (per hour)  $490.00 $799.00

Crown Hill Pool Building Upgrades 
September 13, 2019  Solid Roots Construction
Manchester, NH

Paxor Construction, LLC
Merrimack, NH
Not an acceptable Bid.  Vendor did not include the 5% Bid Bond as specified in the Bid document.

Forcier Contracting
Nashua, NH
Not an acceptable Bid.  Vendor did not include the 5% Bid Bond as specified in the Bid document.

Digester Gas Tank Diaphragm Upgrade Project 
September 6, 2019  New England Energy Services Corp (NEESCO)
Quincy, MA

Methuen Construction Company, Inc.
Plaistow, NH
Awarded 10/2/2019 to Methuen Construction Company, Inc.
Plaistow, NH 
Landfill Gas System Expansion 
August 9, 2019  Charter Contracting Company
Boston, MA

SCS Field Services
Reston, VA
Awarded 9/4/2019 to 
SCS Field Services
Reston, VA 
Public Health Building Renovation Project - CM Services
August 8, 2019
NorthPoint Construction Management
Hudson, NH

Martini Northern

Portsmouth, NH

Monica Drive Drainage Improvements
August 6, 2019
RWC Enterprises
Nashua, NH

Hall's Excavation, Inc.
Bridgewater, NH

WP Davis Excavation, LLC
Hampton, NH

N. Granese and Sons
Salem, NH
Not an acceptable Bid.  Vendor did not sign and return Addendum 1 as required in the Bid documents.

K & G Excavating
Melrose, MA
Not an acceptable Bid.  Vendor did not sign and return Addendum 1 as required in the Bid documents

Hutter Construction Corporation
New Ipswich, NH
Awarded 9/4/2019 to 
RWC Enterprises
Nashua, NH 
NPD HVAC Repairs and System Upgrades 
July 31, 2019  Yeaton Associates, Inc.
Bedford, NH
Awarded 10/2/2019 to Yeaton Associates, Inc.
Bedford, NH 
Digester Gas Tank Coating Project 
July 29, 2019  JB Safety, Inc.
Kerrville, TX
Awarded 9/4/2019 to 
JB Safety, Inc.
Kerrville, TX
DPW Facilities Construction Management Services
July 19, 2019
Northpoint Construction Management
Hudson, NH

Turnstone Corporation
Milford, NH

North Branch Construction
Concord, NH

Harvey Construction
Bedford, NH

Landry/French Construction
Portsmouth, NH

Hutter Construction Corporation
New Ipswich, NH

Awarded 8/14/19 to
Harvey Construction
Bedford, NH

Low Floor Cutaway Vans
July 19, 2019
New England Wheels Inc
 Billerica, MA

Creative Bus Sales
Canonsburg, PA

Awarded 9/3/2019
to New England Wheels Inc.
Billerica, MA 
Integrated Library System 
June 20,
Insignia Software
Edmonton, AB, Canada

The Library Corporation
Inwood, WV

ByWater Solutions
Portland, OR

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Emeryville, CA

Sirsi Dynix
Lehi, UT
Municipal Towing Services
June 12, 2019
Broadside Collision
Nashua, NH

1st Priority Towing & Recovery
Nashua, NH

D & R Towing
Nashua, NH

5 Star Towing
Nashua, NH

Nashua Towing And Recovery Association
Nashua, NH

Design Services and Project Management of Downtown Riverfront Implementation
June 12, 2019
Boston, MA

Chelmsford, MA

Greenman-Pedersen Inc
Portsmouth, NH

Tighe & Bond
Portsmouth, NH

Bedford, NH

14 Court Street Fire Suppression System 
April 26, 2019
Nashua, NH

Northpoint Construction Management
Hudson, NH
Build-Tech Developers
Peabody, MA
Alternates $23,000

Berkeley Building Company
Reading, MA

Nashua Transit Center Retrofit Project
April 24, 2019  CMA Engineers, Inc.
Portsmouth, NH

Portsmouth, NH
Nashua Pedestrian Bridge Ramp Design Services Project 
January 28, 2019  Tighe & Bond
Portsmouth, NH

DuBois & King
Bedford, NH
School Street Lot Development
March 30, 2017
Lansing Melbourne Group
Fort Lauderdale, FL