Snow Emergencies

Remove Vehicles On the Street
Once the City has declared a snow emergency, all vehicles must be removed from city streets, or are subject to towing per City Ordinance § 320-67 - Article 12. During snow emergencies, overnight parking is prohibited according to City Ordinance § 320-78 - Article 13. However, residents may park in the garages on High Street and Elm Street free of charge. Normal parking conditions will then apply at the end of a snow emergency.

Vehicles Towed
The Nashua Police and the Street Department make every effort to avoid towing vehicles. If a vehicle is towed, it will be brought to the City’s Four Hills Landfill at 840 West Hollis Street where it will be released after proof of ownership and payment of fine. Call the Snow Hotline for the landfill's hours of operation, as well as acceptable forms of payment.

Emergency Beacons
Snow Emergency Beacon lights have been placed at various locations in the city, view the Snow Emergency Signal Locations (PDF). They are just one medium that the city uses to notify its citizens of a snow emergency, along with local television, radio, and newspapers, and on the homepage of our website.
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