Quick Tips

CityBus Service

  • Arrive at the bus stop a few minutes early.
  • Have fares or pass ready when boarding.
  • Request a Transfer Ticket upon boarding (transfers are valid for the next available bus only).
  • Signal the bus operator approximately one block before you wish to get off.
  • Exit via the rear door when there are others waiting to board the bus. Please use the handrails when exiting.

Paratransit & Senior Services

  • No pets are allowed on City Lift vehicles unless they are service animals.
  • Please allow extra time for your trip. We’ll give you 30 minute “window” of time, when you should be ready for both pickup and return.
  • Meet the bus at the curb unless you need assistance.
  • To schedule your Paratransit or Senior Service ride, we’ll need the following:
    • Your requested pickup time
    • The exact address of where you’re going
    • Your requested return time
  • If you are going shopping, please remember that there is a 2-bag limit on the bus and to allow enough time for your trip.