Traffic Signals

The Street Department operates and maintains 92 signalized intersections in the city. The timing of signals is dependent on the volume and directional distribution of traffic in an intersection. As such all intersections have different timings. Most are traffic actuated with detectors in the pavement and the time of each phase will vary from cycle to cycle within pre-set limits depending on the detected volume.

Traffic Management System
Included is the Intelligent Traffic Management System on Daniel Webster Highway and Spit Brook Road. This computerized system, installed in 2009, provides traffic signal coordination with various timing plans for different times of the day and/or season.

Main & Amherst Street Corridors
The Main Street and Amherst Street corridors are coordinated with a time based coordination system to provide continuous movement of traffic based on the traffic volume and directional distribution at different times of the day.
All traffic signals in the city provide for fire emergency vehicles pre-emption through the use of a strobe detection system called Opticom. If you see a red strobe flashing on a signal pole, fire engines are approaching.

Report Emergency
To report an emergency such as a traffic signal pole knock down, a traffic signal black or power out call 603-589-4750