Environmental Health Department

About Us

The Environmental Health Team protects the public’s health by promoting best prevention practices through science, education, guidance, and fostering public trust; and enforcement of laws and ordinances. 

Our goal is to create a healthy and well informed public with a balanced integration of human health and environmental protection. 


  • Licensing and inspection of food service establishments, swimming pools, and spas 
  • Inspection of child care, foster homes, and schools 
  • Responding to complaints regarding sanitation and environmental health hazards
  • Oversight of Rabies Control activities
  • Approval of demolition, septic, and subdivision plans 
  • Education to the public on a variety of environmental topics

Department Updates

After nine months of renovation, the Nashua DPHCS moved back to 18 Mulberry Street in Nashua on June 21, 2021. 

  • To schedule an appointment, call 603-589-4530 or email EH@nashuanh.gov
  • We encourage applicants to mail any payments to the City of Nashua Environmental Health Department at 18 Mulberry Street, Nashua, NH 03060 or pay online here
  • Requests for documents should be made online here.

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Protect Yourself from Mosquito-Borne Diseases

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services announced an adult has tested positive for Jamestown Canyon virus (JCV), a viral infection transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito. 

JCV is a mosquito-borne pathogen that circulates widely in North America primarily between deer and mosquitoes but can also infect humans. In addition to JCV, Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus (EEEV) and West Nile virus (WNV) can also be spread to people through mosquitoe bites. The arboviral risk level for cities and towns indicates the risk of transmission of mosquito-borne diseases to people. 

“Jamestown Canyon Virus and the other mosquito-borne infections can cause serious illness,” said Dr. Benjamin Chan, NH State Epidemiologist. “As summer progresses into fall, the risk from mosquito-transmitted infections is expected to increase. So residents and visitors to New Hampshire should take precautions to avoid mosquito bites, especially as people are encouraged to spend more time outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Learn how to protect yourself from mosquito-borne diseases here.

Update to NH Food Protection Rules - December 2020

Environmental Health 2017 Food Protection Rules Update

For More Information: 603-589-4530