Chronic Disease Work Group

The Chronic Disease Work Group includes representatives from medical providers, nonprofit organizations and others who focus on obesity prevention and weight management, diabetes, and heart disease/stroke. 

Current work group goals include:
  • Reduce overweight and obesity in the GNPHR
  • Provide chronic disease education and screening opportunities in the GNPHR to increase awareness and reduce rates of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes
The YMCA of Greater Nashua provides leadership in chronic disease efforts in the GNPHR.  To find out more about this work group, please contact the facilitator:

Kim Adie
Community Health Coordinator
YMCA of Greater Nashua

WE CAN! Pilot Project
WE CAN! is an evidence based prevention program aimed at children and their families. This was the school based initiative included in the obesity work group’s community wide action plan. In 2013-14, a pilot WE CAN! program was implemented at 2 local sites:
  • Amherst Elementary School in Nashua
  • Lisa’s Tippy Toes Daycare and Learning Center in Merrimack
Kids throw balls into the air
The report from the pilot experience (PDF) is available for more information.
Tree Streets Place Map
The Obesity Work Group created the Tree Streets Place Map (PDF) to provide a creative and colorful inspiration for community members to use the Heritage Rail Trail for exercise. The map includes healthy tips and inspirational quotes to encourage active living, and it highlights some of the interesting spots along the trail where healthy foods or exercise opportunities are located. On the reverse side, the map includes any Nashua parks that have recreational options.
Tree Streets Place Map, March 2014, Pedestrian Guide, Nashua, New Hampshire, Donnalee Lozeau, Mayor