Greater Nashua Public Health Network Services

The Greater Nashua Public Health Network (GNPHN) is one of 13 Regional Public Health Networks across the state, each serving a defined Public Health Region. Our mission is to facilitate access to programs and services that develop resiliency, promote healthy behaviors, and safeguard the health of the Greater Nashua community through partner engagement and collaboration. 

The GNPHN serves the Greater Nashua Public Health Region (GNPHR), including the City of Nashua and the towns of Amherst, Brookline, Hollis, Hudson, Litchfield, Lyndeborough, Mason, Merrimack, Milford, Mont Vernon, Pelham, and Wilton.

Greater Nashua Public Health Region

Public Health Advisory Council

The Greater Nashua Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC) is a network of organizations and individuals that work to improve the health of the Greater Nashua Public Health Region and its residents. See the Public Health Advisory Council page for more information.

Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) brings regional partners together to be better prepared to respond to large-scale public health emergencies within our community. The focus is to coordinate with key stakeholders to develop comprehensive community preparedness and response plans to be able to effectively mitigate and respond to the impacts of a large scale public health emergency. 

Substance Misuse

Substance Misuse Prevention (SMP) focuses on education and awareness with our community to understand the prevalence and increase protective factors against Substance Use Disorder. The Substance Use Disorder Continuum of Care (SUDCoC) represents the ideal integrated framework that covers Prevention, Promotion, Intervention, Treatment, and Recovery.

  1. Lisa Vasquez

    Behavioral Health Strategist

  1. Leah Elliott

    Behavioral Health Specialist

  1. Patrick Henry

    Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

  1. Foqia Ijaz

    Community Services Administrative Program Assistant