Public Health Advisory Council

phac logo no white behindThe Greater Nashua Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC) is a network of organizations and individuals that work collaboratively to improve the health of the Greater Nashua Public Health Region and its residents.The PHAC advises, and is advised by, partners on matters related to public health including the development of regional public health priorities and improvement plans based on community health and resource assessments. The PHAC helps guide implementation of programs, practices, and polices. In turn, convening a PHAC helps to expand the capacity of the Public Health Network and their capabilities to best serve the community.


Working towards a healthier Nashua region.


To achieve a healthier Nashua region through collaboration, education, and the coordination of resources. 

2019 Greater Nashua Public Health Annual Meeting

Join us on October 2nd from 8AM-4PM in Nashua!

Registration is $25 and can be completed at

2019 Public Health Annual Meeting Flyer

Interested in having an exhibitor table to promote your organization and services? Limited exhibitor space is available and priority will be given to non-profit Greater Nashua Public Health Advisory Council partner organizations that provide services within the Greater Nashua Public Health Region. If your organization is interested in registering to be an exhibitor, please complete the registration at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

PHAC Executive Committee

The PHAC Executive Committee, comprised of decision-makers from a variety of Greater Nashua PHAC partner organizations, provides leadership guidance to support health-related efforts in the Greater Nashua Public Health Region.

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