Broad Street Parkway

The Broad Street Parkway is a 2-lane roadway approximately 1.8 miles long which improves access between the Broad Street interchange with the F.E. Everett Turnpike and the westerly edge of Downtown Nashua.

Signalized Intersection

The Parkway begins at a new signalized intersection at Broad Street between Blue Hill Avenue and the existing railroad crossing. Following a route adjacent to the existing railroad corridor, the Parkway passes beneath reconstructed bridges at Baldwin Street as well as Fairmount Street.

New Bridge

At the Nashua River, the Parkway alignment turns away from the railroad and crosses the river with a new bridge, touching down in the heart of the historic Millyard.

Tying into Pine Street

After passing through the Millyard, the Parkway ties into existing Pine Street. The intersection of the Parkway with Ledge Street, Pine Street and Central Street is signalized. Improvements to Pine Street and Palm Street between Central and Kinsley Streets distribute traffic impacts at the southerly terminus of the project while also incorporating traffic calming elements and bicycle friendly shoulders.

Principal Contracts

While numerous contracts were necessary to complete the various aspects of this project, there are four principal roadway/bridge contracts which cover the construction of the Parkway itself. These contracts include:
  • Nashua River Bridge and Fairmount Street Bridge
  • Parkway North
  • Parkway South
  • Pine Street and Palm Street Improvements

Project Updates

Broad Street Parkway budget update (PDF)

The Broad Street Parkway was completed in December 2015.