City Officials

  1. Mayor's Office

    Meet Mayor Jim Donchess

  2. Board of Aldermen

    The Board of Aldermen is the governing body of the City of Nashua and as such is the policy-making entity of the City, except where otherwise expressed in the City Charter. 

  3. Board of Education

    They shall perform all duties as a School Committee is required by law to perform and have the power to protect the health and safety of children attending the public schools.

  4. Board of Fire Commissioners

    The Fire Commission is responsible for the hiring and promotion process of the department. They shall make such rules and regulations for their own government and for the government of all other officers and members of the Fire Department, also they have the sole power to select and purchase land for the purpose of the Fire Department once the Board of Aldermen have secured an adequate appropriation.

  5. Board of Public Works

    The Board of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of the streets, highways, bridges and sidewalks.

  6. Police Commission

    The Police Commissioners shall have full power to make all rules for the government of the police force and enforce said rules.

  7. Volunteer Boards & Commissions

    Browse through a list of boards and committees to find meeting information, agendas and minutes, a list of members, and about each committee.