Nashua has a wealth of water resources. The city is located at the confluence of the Nashua and Merrimack Rivers and also includes the historic canal, several brooks, and ponds. The Waterways Department aims to ensure the city operates in harmony with its waterways by working closely with other departments, agencies, and commissions to manage Nashua’s water resources. The Waterways Department works to maintain healthy waterways including tackling issues of water pollution and invasive species, manage floodplains and reduce flood risks, oversees waterways infrastructure including the hydro-power dams on the Nashua River and the levee along the Merrimack River, and improve access and recreational opportunities in and along the waterways.

In 2013, the Waterways Committee was created to develop a plan to better manage the waterways and water resources in the City of Nashua. The committee issued its final report in May 2015. Their recommendations led to the creation of this Department and the associated Waterways Manager position in Fall 2015.

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or suggestions related to our streams, rivers, wetlands, and ponds please get in touch with our Waterways Manager.

Enjoy our waterways

Rail Trail Map (PDF)
Walking Club - Nashua River Rail Trail (94 Gilson Road) 

Mine Falls Park

Get involved

Here are a few ways to get involved in the stewardship of our waterways:

Represent Nashua on the Lower Merrimack River Local Advisory Committee

Volunteer with the Nashua River Watershed Association

Flood awareness
Is your home in the floodplain? Find out using our web map.
This map shows the FEMA flood insurance rate map. Any zone starting with an "A" shows area that have a 1% chance of being flooded in any given year. Flooding can also occur outside of these areas due to local drainage problems or during extreme events. Be flood ready and consider flood insurance for your home. Check out the National Flood Insurance Program for more information.

The NH Floodplain Management Program is also a great resource for more information.

Get information about current weather information, watches, and warning as well as current river conditions from this list of weather resources from the Office of Emergency Management.