Woodlawn Cemetery

Open to persons of all faiths, Woodlawn Cemetery was enacted and named by the State Legislature in 1895, although it has a history that precedes that date. Open year round, the main gate on Kinsley Street remains open to allow for after-hour visitation. Many people stroll throughout the cemetery enjoying the serenity and beauty of our mausoleum, summer flowers, and fall foliage.

There are currently 4 full-time employees and additional summer hires to assist in the care of the cemetery.

Beyond the weekly mowing of summer, there is the leaf pickup in the fall, and snow removal in the winter. There are also opportunities to work on special projects that go beyond the normal services that Woodlawn provides.

We plant many flower beds throughout the cemetery to beautify the grounds. Benches are placed in various locations where visitors can relax. Long ago damaged and broken monuments are being repaired as time allows.

Arboretum Fund
Also, through the generosity of Trustee Lester Gidge, Woodlawn has it's own Arboretum fund. Many saplings are purchased and planted in our nursery. After growing them for a few years, we plant them out on the grounds at a fraction of what it would cost to purchase nursery stock. Included are many flowering trees and shrubs, and also a variety of distinctive tree species.

As new trees are planted, dying and diseased trees are removed. This rejuvenation will provide a lasting landscape for Woodlawn Cemetery throughout the years.